I may not have gone where I intended to go, but … but what?

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be…
That is a quote I found somewhere today…and it left me thinking about it the whole day…

Is it actually like that? and maybe my question is coming from the fact that I am not a native English speaker (as you might have realised) and therefore do not fully grasp the exact meaning of all the words.

What is the intention and what is the need? What does it mean going somewhere and what being somewhere?
What is the possibility of a may and what is the certainty behind I think…?

Sometimes we give to quotes too much of importance…as if people say wise things all the time…”Goodmorning…” Awwwwwww…what did he mean by Goodmorning…etc etc etc…

For me, the above words (the quote) is a good excuse for people that did not fulfill their dreams to say ” Oh, I am OK now, this is what I needed actually and now that I have it it doesn;t make sence to go anywhere…”

So what if you spent all your childhood dreaming of walking on Mars, now you go nowhere without GPRS because you are afriad you will get lost…

So what if you spent hours…days…weeks…reading about design, film, theater etc…now, reality has hit you on the head and the only thing you manage to do is to have a well decorated house…

So what if you were dreaming to do something good for this world? Now you are spending your most productive years alone in a 15 floor building, its midnight and your dinner is a cold sandwich…for what? For which purpose…? Do you know?…cause I don’t…

Cause I can bet all my money that people don’t need this…human beings don’t need working 18 hours a day, bad nutrition, stress, being serving the 25 bosses they have over their heads…

One of my favorites poems is Ithaka, by C.P. Cavafis, where he sais that the journey is more important than actually reaching the destination because the journey offers you experiences, knowledge and shapes what the destination should be…great! But…there must be a moment or some moments of fulfillment, otherwise the journey becomes a fight that will never be won.



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  1. Interesting :)I guess all random things which happens have a reason…but totally agree that we’re a part of huge system and we can’t manage sometime our wishes anymore, because we depend from…

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