No title for this post

I feel I need to write something…where do I start though…? let’s see what comes…

I was watching Pangea day yesterday at my place with some friends and some people that decided to join my event at home, it was unique and memorable…its the times when you realise that you are not alone in this world thinking that the only solution that people can become happy is only when we come closer and understand that we are all the same…we all love, hate, envy, are happy, sad, need love, are passionate etc.. and the messages amazing, from an Israeli and a Palestinian that had lost relatives in “battle” coming and holding hands and crying to each others arms, to films from South Africa and India…it was great!

I realised again how much I miss my “rugby” team-my 2 teams from AIESEC, at my time in Rotterdam-I guess the feeling of being part of a whole…but not only that…making “the whole”…creating it…

Had a great lunch by the See in Zurich, in 10 mins the sun left, heavy clouds came and started raining like hell…while the wind was blowing so hard that the umbrellas flewwwww:-) everyone started panicking…but we were in the middle of the “hurricane”…in the most peaceful spot…

It’s Mother’s day…and mama Maria is celebrating:-) it must be hard to live away from your child…you know what they say that parents need to let their kids grow up, develop etc… and soooo many parents live far from their kids…and then some couples say…I cannot live far from my wife/husband…but how can we live far from our mom/dad…? the kind of love is not bigger or smaller…it’s different…why…?

A good friend has his bday today, he is the man that for shows what LIVING LIFE at its maximum means…I am so proud of him!

Where this posting goes, I have no clue…i guess to one thing…
I want to say a huge thank you to all the people that have allowed me to love them, be part of their lives in any way and were interested in who Petroula is…

These random lines are for you my family, my friends, my loved ones, for you that have come and passed…for you that are still here and for all of you that will come…

What do you think?

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