This month it is 3 full years that I am away from home…I didnt even plan or realise when the 1 year became 2 and now already in my forth…

I like living abroad, it is a matter of opportunities, you see … but nothing can ever replace my “patrida”, the place I am from, the land that a lot of people know because of Plato, Maria Kallas, Melina, Olympic Games, feta cheese, beautiful islands, gorgeous girls and syrtaki dance…

And YES! I am so proud that everyone around the world knows my country and that’s why I miss it so much…every single moment, every time I look at my window these days and I don’t see the cloudless blue sky with a dazzling sun and the smell of spring afternoons…

I grew up in the big city, Athens…old town…no…seriously…really old! but at the same time so alive, vibrant, modern, fast pace, exciting, stressful, traditional, melacholic…that makes it so amazing!
My city…ahhhhh…my city is a woman! She wants to be loved because she loves everyone living with her…she is so beautiful that for centuries now the beauty of the people is breathtaking…she is so fast that even stuck in a traffic jam you see its vibrant characters everywhere! It is the city of Plaka with its outdoor taverns, Psirri and its cafes under the acropolis…the walks under the Parthenon…the corn smell in the summer…the couples expressing their love everywhere, anytime, any place…

My city lives! I miss summer nights, when the whole city is at bars and cafes until laaaaaaaaaate in the morning…and when the clubs in Paraliaki (sea side) are not enough…then you have all these spontaneous beach parties with camp fires and people with their guitars (or not) just singing…or up to Likavitos with a beer and their radios tuned at their favorite station

And even if you don’t have the money to have that lifestyle, the city has the best house and street parties…nothing special, just friends gathering to enjoy! Enjoy life! despite the fact that they work double for half salary of any other European, they suffer from traffic jams every day, the health system is a mess, education is expensive, jobs are a few… My city is life itself!

That’s why I feel nostalgic, there…it seems that all the big issues become tiny…nothing is as important as enjoying life! So what if you are broke every 10th day of the month, are 27, and still live with your parents because you cannot afford it…you just lighten up a cigarette, drink some beer/coffee/retsina and…and smile of happiness…authentic, true, honest, deep happiness


  1. Petroula, a big THANK YOU, you reminded me of an Athens I had forgotten..A city that is full of contradictions, one day you love it, the next you want to get away from it, and then again love it and hate it…I remember some afternoons, when I had a break between the classes in ASOEE, I used to walk with a walkman in my ears all the way down the Patissiwn Avenue, from ASOEE to Omonoia square..Akropolis was constantly overlooking, standing there always proud and beautiful, standing the test of time!!..And I felt happy, I felt proud, I felt alive!..A city, a country, people, and the sun! And yes, we’ll always carry them with us wherever we go :)Thanks once again for the “nostalgia” roadtrip, loved it:)Georgia

  2. I loved your posting Petroula. Wish you visit your homecity and home soon, but in the mean time, come visit me in The Philippines :)Cheers,KT

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