Dreams in a plastic (recycled) cup

I am not sure what it is with us women; the fact that we have convinced ourselves that beauty is hidden in expensive bottles that carry a famous name…actually, usually, the smallest the bottle, the bigger the promise for eternal beauty…and larger the bill as well..

At least some of us take it more seriously and do some exercise, take care of our diet and not overdo it with chemical products

Is LOVE the reason? Is this the source that we operate from? Our need for love or the fact that we love ourselves?I don’t know, i hope it is a mix for both. I hope all of us do love ourselves, otherwise would not take care of us so much, right? but we also aim in sharing this love with someone else special…

Human body is like a house. As the owner, I want to have it clean, modern, pretty but I also dont wanna keep it just for myself. I wanna share this beauty with other people as well so that they feel comfortable in it…comfortable, not jealous, envy

And what about the soul that lives in this body? Do the above leave time for the mind to progress and be as beautiful as the body? Imagine this beautiful, perfect house with inhabitants that are dirty, unsociable, impolite, unfriendly etc…then the house is useless… and it will soon turn into the opposite than what it is now…

But a beautiful mind is always shining and making everything around it shine, glow, sparkle…

If I ever had to choose between the 2, I would choose the second. Only then I can share what I have with others…but until then I just enjoy of trying to be beautiful in both


What do you think?

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