A day to appreciate and a day to hope for

It was my birthday today. 8th of February 2009. If you would ask me 2 weeks back, I had imagined them different in a way. Unfortunately, sometimes life goes into directions we are not ready for.

In any case, it was definitely a day to reflect, think, sit and dialog with myself. As I mention above, a day to appreciate what I have in my hands, mind and heart and a day to also be optimistic of all the good that is to come.

Sometimes, the mind plays games to us. It demands more and more and is never satisfied with what it has. And that leads to a constant feeling of in-completeness but also forgetting to appreciate the people, the loved ones, the family that we have around and they love us.

It was also a day that I had to be optimistic about what will come and just from the wishes I got, I really believe that my wish, the one that I did when blowing the candles from the cake that Manos and Georgia brought for me) will come true. And yes, I am one of the billions of people in this planet, but I need to believe that.
They say when you take hope from people, is when you kill them and therefore I cannot stop hoping for…



What do you think?

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