Heaven and hell

In a lot of books, people talk about heaven and hell. Christians have this picture in our mind that hell is a horrible place with fires, tortures, blood etc etc, while heaven resembles a peaceful into the clouds place, where everyone is light like a feather, smiling and enjoying…peace.

It’s nothing more than a state of the mind and soul. For me, hell is like seeing in front of you the best of what you had and knowing that you will NEVER have that again…
not only seeing, but almost being able to touch or smell it…but almost, cause you never touch it or feel it.

It’s like having in front of you the best memories of your life, the people you loved the most in your life, your family, your best friend and knowing just knowing that these memories are just that. Memories, they are over, done, belong to a past that now not only you cannot have, but you should not bring back to your memory too often, because the more you bring them, the more you realise what you missed/are missing, the more you bring them, the more they hurt you and the more they hurt you…the torture continues forever and ever…

And if and when you manage to think less, you forget everything and your soul leaves you. Because with forgetting/de-attaching, your link to what pulled you up as a human being, disappears and then what..? yes, in the end, you lose it

It is like a drug, even though you know how bad it is for you, it is the only thing that makes you feel better, even for a short time. You are afraid to leave it, because you don’t wanna live a life without it, you don’t want to forget, because otherwise you will be lost and the more you remember, the more “down” you go…

Even worst, hell is seeing these beautiful people/memories in front of you and knowing that you could have spent 5 more minutes with them or enjoying more that moment, if you only had realised how unique they were, instead of sleeping, spending these 5 mins in the shower etc etc.
It’s the feeling of not being able to do anything, realising how you let these moments go and yet see them again and again and again in front of your eyes shouting at you ” it is your fault as well…you let us go”

About heaven, oh well, it’s the exact opposite.


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  1. I live in the middle of the both… is that logical?

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