The tipping point

There is something interesting about the world we live in. We are so different, so diverse, so weird and crazy, but deep down we are moved by the same motive: to prove to ourselves that we are unique. We do that in different ways: by making loads of money, by being top actors/musicians/painters, by being activists, by being great parents, amazing partners and lovers, by having great careers…

Where does this need to be unique come from? Is it the habits of so many years that have passed through our DNA? Is it passing from our families and societies? Or is it our soul and its uniqueness that drives that?

Probably there is no one answer, but a combination of a lot of different things. What is more important is where we direct this need of ours; do we direct it towards good or not? do we direct it towards fulfilling selfish needs that are against the rest of the people and nature, or towards improving the place we live? We have seen so many examples of people that have done so much good in their attempt to be exceptional and unique, but also so many to the opposite.

I strongly believe that there is something great and exceptional in each one of us, which we probably haven’t even realized. Can you imagine what the result would be if suddenly everyone would actually realise their unique point and start using it for the best? Then, nothing more is really needed, neither big strategies nor great governors to lead us. Is this so hard to do? Is it that we have come to believe we can do nothing? that change takes yeeeeeeeeears and millions of people? Have we come to believe…that there’s no hope?
Who? Why? When did that take place? Did I lose something? I mean, I know I dont read the news everyday, don’t have TV, don’t talk to everyone in the street, but did someone actually say: “No, you are not allowed to use your uniqueness for improving your life”… As far as I remember, quite the opposite. I see the opposite messages everywhere, in the internet, in books, in the TV, speeches, movies…everywhere.
then why don’t we do it? Is it fear? Is it ignorance of its power or is it that we don’t care?Again, there is no one answer, as we are so diverse, the source we operate from is also different. But again, there are so many great people that do it daily. Probably, instead of us trying to understand what prohibits people, we should focus more on what actually makes them tick, move, risk and try to be better…

Finishing off, I wander, what is that “tipping point” that makes/would make people move? act, tick, wake up and have them fight to apply their uniqueness for the best of all of us?


What do you think?

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