It is a bit weird…

Huge earthquake in Japan. Terrible event. Millions of people affected, millions of others run to do fundraising events, send their love and support in any mean they can. An event caused by nature. Could we have foreseen it? Perhaps not. Could we have stopped it? I guess not. Do we want to avoid future such situations? For sure! No doubt about that.

Children die in North China, due to poisoned milk. Japan nuclear alarm. “Rebels” are “accidentally” hit by NATO in Libya, apology denied. Ivory Coast fights. Thousands of people fight every day for their lives, better conditions, food and above all… freedom. Events caused by humans. Could we have foreseen it? Yes! Could we have stopped it or enabled the best result? Yes! Do we want to avoid such future situations? Well, here the answer depends on what we are to lose, because if by keeping someone under our control, we benefit more our wealth…then we may just lift our hands and say “That’s none of my business”.

A bit provocative comparison, and don’t take me wrong, human pain and wish for something better is not to be compared, there is no less or more, no bigger and smaller not more and less important.

It feels weird, though, to know that the majority of the global community prefers to send money/clothes/ show constant support to a situation caused by nature and not try to change straight away what can actually “fight” for and against: humans. Once the story is no longer in the front page of our favorite news web-site, we forget it. We assume that someone else will take care of it, while at the same time we will go to the post, stand at the queue to send money to support our fellow citizens that have been “hit” by nature’s “anger”.

What does that say about us? Do we prefer to fight against an invisible cause? because in that way, we can never lose…? or, do we choose not to stand straight, continuously, with all our strength and power against the known dictator, the “evil” with a name and surname, with a house, blood and veins, where there the result can be only one? Either we will win or we will lose.

What does that say about the reasons behind our actions?

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  1. Well, in case of fighting… to whom are you going to send the end? What group are you going to send it to… the pro or the against. Perhaps we believe that sending aid or help to these man-made catastrophes is a a way taking sides? Human-made conflict implies a level of politics… and in many cases politics are a very murky business. There are a lot of gray areas, hidden (or not) agendas and power hungry interests that pollute and opaque the facts or the truth. Whereas nature-made catastrophes are painfully factual: no sides to blame. My romantic side would like to believe that these nature catastrophes would occur to remind humans the pointless need to seek power (which it's probably at the heart of these man-made conflicts), is just useless in comparison with nature. However, my practical self… laughs at my naivety.Anyway, I like your writing. Keep it up.Keyser Söze

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