Some crazy people…

…leave their jobs to pursue their dreams. Move to the other side of the world to find love. Risk their comforts in order to help other people… I am proud to be able to call them my friends.Some other people don’t. Fair enough. With no good, there would be no bad, with no people staying back, the people that risk would be nothing worth mentioning…perhaps:-)

Some other crazy people find their passion and talent and live from it. They create their own businesses, they become successful employees and they put their mind and soul into it. Some others go to work and wait for the weekend to live.

Some crazy ones, hear the voices inside them that tell them the truth and try to bury the other ones, the bad ones, the ones that tell them “Give up! It’s not worth it…”. Some people are just deaf or have not learned the “language” that their self speaks to them.

Socrates said that the ultimate wisdom is “to know thyself”. Some people do, they are conscious of their needs, their imperfections, their talents and are able to listen to their soul. Some people go where the wind takes them and live a life trying to fulfill somebody else’s wishes; their family’s, the society’s…

Some pretend to be funny. Some others pretend to be serious. Some just pretend. There are these crazy people though that are just themselves, with their funny, serious but honest and authentic moments.

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds. Then I take a deep breath, close my eyes and say “Chill…”. Somewhere I saw a child coming in the tram, sitting and opening the newspaper to read. He was not able to read and his whole attitude reminded me of the 40 year old man sitting next to him…

This has been a life changing week for me. I am about to embark on something that I dreamed for months. The voices come and scare me. But then, I smile at them and tell them “Chill…”

Good night.


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