Without heart

“You are the heart” a precious new friend wrote to me recently. Shock and realization strikes. It now makes sense. I thought this whole thing that I was experiencing was for someone else, but no, it was for me, as well in so many different levels that I could not even imagine on the flight, metro and train that I took on my way there. A feeling that I was fighting to keep away for some time came, blew me away and lifted me to the wind…beautiful!”Horis kardia” (without heart in Greek) is the song in repeat right now. I am loving it, not only because it is performed by my favorite singer but it is the Greek cover of another loved song, which brings back great memories from my 2 years in Holland. I love what life reveals to me everyday. I love its challenges, the sad times, the loved ones around me, the dilemmas that I find my self that help me realize what really matters. I love to discover the power of the heart, its ability to make us see things in a whole new and different way, the way it makes us fall in love all over again with the things that were just there…close to us, next to us the whole time.

It just takes a bit of heart to listen a bit more, talk a bit less and understand each other stories, fears, vulnerable spots and real passions. A little bit more heart, a tiny piece of  that can change our everyday routine and give another meaning to the rain, our coffee and our messy room…

I don’t have any other wisdom to share, I am still in that place where I am in peace with what is inside and outside of me and I am grateful for everyone and everything that has until now appeared to me and will reveal to me in the future…! A tiiiiny bit more each day…

What do you think?

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