In small things is where happiness lies

As I am sitting at my small desk in my full-of-books room, I cannot stop but think the small things that make me smile, make my heart lose a beat, make me cry from happiness.It is the ability to call my family without worrying about the international call charges, it is my sweet dog that everyday waits for me to come home. It is my professional stamp that signals that something that I have wanted for -probably ever – is here and is real. It is the bus that I take every day to work and the steps that I walk up to, to find my self in a “tribe” I am proud to be a part of, not because it is perfect, but because I feel connected to them and our reasons for being there.

It is indeed that small details make the difference. It is a matter of perception and the way we approach things. Try and think every day as a milestone in your life, try and think about it as if your approach can change your life for ever. Do things that matter to you and be good to your soul and to others. Do not settle for a situation because it pays you well and you can afford a beautiful apartment. Fill up your heart and your soul, not your suitcase.

Find what you love, find what you are ready to stand for and make it your commitment for life; call it a job, call it your business, your project whatever… Be an enterpreneur, be a public employee, be a private employee, be a parent, I don’t care. Do whatever matters to you, don’t spoil your life in trivial things and organizations that don’t appreciate you. Do it and do it with your heart. I promise to you, by the end of the process, your perspective on how you see the small and the big things will have changed.

Have a good night!



One comment

  1. I love the way you speak of organizations here. Do not stick to those that don't appreciate you. It seems a lot is going on in your mind my dear friend, a lot more in your heart and soul. I hope we can talk soon. Would you send me your greek number? I am trying to find flights to make it for a cheap weekend there. Love MO

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