It’s high time

Funny evening. Lots of thoughts before, during and definitely after. I am sharing some of them.
Most or all of them are around the situation in Greece, for which friends from all over the world ask me a lot and has troubled me a lot these 2 months that I have been here. Not because it has surprised me, but because I want to do more than what I am already doing and trying to find different ways.Alright, so, yes, a change needs to come. If you are reading this post, bare in mind it is not just the two of us that think the same. I can tell you the names and e-mails of at least 100,000 more people that believe the same and are actually working daily towards that. I am not exaggerating, you just choose to believe you are alone, maybe because that boosts your ego a bit more. The biggest success of the people that don’t want change is that they have made the rest believe that they are just a few. Well, newsflash!! We are not and the minute we actually start behaving like that, things will definitely change.

Tiring to hear generalizations (from many Greeks) that we are a nation of lazy, corrupted, uneducated people who only want to drink ouzo and lay under the sun, that have no professionalism and business ethics. Actually, it’s not tiring, it’s making me mad. The stories we tell about ourselves is what in the end defines us and our destiny. Therefore, stop talking about the stupid people in and out of this country and talk about the ones that are doing good and are lifting our spirit! These are the stories that are worth my time, at least.

I ve been 2 months here and I am tired of the talks about what should be done. I am a very organized person and want to plan a lot of things in advance, but sometimes, you just need to make the first step and then maybe another half step and then maybe a step back in order to jump! Discussion is definitely necessary, but it is high time to go out and do IT. It seems everybody has a theory about where this crisis is coming from and what could be done, so I don’t care about reaching to a common agreement and then start doing stuff, if you have a thought, just go and do it, you don’t need a national referendum for this.

I love my job – working in Greek public higher education – and I love being close to my friends and family. I love the sun that was over Athens today and the smell of the sea, the pine trees and the souvlaki at the streets are unbeatable, because they take me back, they make me feel alive now and they make me feel excited about what will come. I am in Greece by choice and not because I could not be anywhere else….and yes, I am mentally healthy. Now, if for any reason you are not here with your whole heart, leave.

Finally, we talk about the younger generation, as if we are preparing their funeral, saying that they will not have jobs, they will be poor, they will not be educated, they will not travel etc… Seriously people??? Have you actually seen and talked to the young generation? we already assume that they will actually not do anything and live miserably! Well newsflash again! No, they are not like that, they are smarter, faster, much more connected and much more active in their communities than older generations and maybe we want to think of them as less competent, because again it makes US feel better…

Forgive the intensity in my words. It’s just high time that the people that can and should take the lead and change things stop being silent. Silence is tolerance.



What do you think?

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