On a day like today I was thinking what the most appropriate post would be; something about politics, something about how I love being back home and how much I believe that things will get better or something about the the power of realizing your dreams, ambitions…blah blah blah?Well, I am going to have to disappoint you or calm you down, cause I am not going to share thoughts on any of the above.
Don’t get me wrong, I see how important they are. I am a romantic soul though- as a friend recently told me – and I prefer to focus my energy on things that can unite us all, despite our political beliefs, passport colors, bank account contents, color of skin, religious beliefs and age.

(at this point probably half of you moved the cursor on the X button and closed the window. Goodbye:))

I am not really a “planned” blogger, I write as things and thoughts come, so bare with me…

Alright, here we go…

First statement: all of us want to be loved and feel appreciated. All of us. I will not try to argue for this, but I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Second statement: All of us want to be loved and feel appreciated more than others.  All of us. We are raised with this and it is hardwired in our DNA. We are born and raised with the skill to spot the different, the one standing out, the one that is disrupting the sum, the system, the mass and have learned to consider it wrong.

Third one: All of us want to be loved and feel appreciated more and more and more… All of us. Continuous confirmation of love, raising living and relationship standards, bigger salaries, more FB likes, more followers and fans, more.

Forth: All of us want to be loved and feel appreciated by everyone. Most of us. Cause some of us don’t need such self-affirmation.

Fifth and last statement: All of us want to be loved and feel appreciated forever. The fear of our human nature, death and decadence make us insecure. We try to leave things and people behind us to carry our name, our professions, our houses, our collections, our biographies, our history.

We can argue for hours on which human practices prove the above. We can.

The point though, is that we all agree. This is us. All of us. Some of us may find hard to admit it, but deep down we know it is so damn true it makes us mad or happy. Depending on the occasion.

Now, since we agree on these, let’s do the following: let’s try to understand our partner, our significant other, our kid, our parents and friends, our colleagues and others in general under that lens. Maybe that brings us a bit…a tiny bit closer.

Cause on this we are one. We are of the same. We are made of the same “material”.

We are in a deep, timeless, limitless, true romantic relationship with ourselves.

What do you think?

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