The Brand Sweet Spot in Education

Let’s be a bit more concrete.

The point is clear. I think that we agree on it; there is a need to change the paradigm and our approach towards education, either as a parent, as a student, as a teacher, as a businessman or as an educator… So, here is my top 7 of what I think needs to be changed in order to actually create the learning environment that is needed in our schools and universities; I may not have been a teacher, but I have had several other roles until now and the below points are a result of observations, experiences, studies and discussions with friends and others.

1. Make it everyone’s responsibility; Parents, local community, teachers, students, business. How? ask, listen, involve, engage and inform, inform, inform. There is too much at stake, when we mess this one up…

2. Innovate; Take the risk to implement something new if you want to see other results. You know what they say; “the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect different results”. There are so many great things that lots of schools do, lots of companies and other organizations do, that we can learn from…innovate in what we teach, how we teach it and even who teaches it…

3. Learn from the business; this is the point where most of the educators will stop reading. The truth is that education management and leadership theory (and practice) is 20 years behind business’. Why keep these sylos? Learn from the business. I am not saying to copy, but take whatever can help!

4. Measure your success by the impact you have; hard, yes. impossible, no. education is not about delivering the content, it is about making sure that our students learn it and apply it. Find ways to measure whether your students understand physics, biology, grammar rules and how this knowledge will help them on their everyday life

5. One Child/Student at a time; no two people are the same, they learn differently, behave in other ways, communicate in their unique way and have different talents and interests. Paying individual attention to 30 and more students is almost impossible in an hour a day. Find a way to do that in the year or semester that you teach. Otherwise, why did you become a teacher? School is not a factory of mass-production of educated people and you are not the production supervisor.

6. Expect the highest qualities from our teachers so that they also strive to be the best they can; of course nobody is perfect and there are always aspects to be improved. Evaluation of performance, professional excellence and personal qualities, I personally think, are pre-requisites for a good teacher/professor and must-haves for anyone that one day will receive my permission to teach something to my kids…

7. Make it relevant; relevant for the place, the time…the context that the education programme is taking place. Example, of course a part of the curriculum should be the same for the students in Athens and in a village of 50 residents in Crete. However, each of these 2 societies are very very different. A part of the curriculum therefore, I believe should be made relevant to the specific context…

My thoughts. Views?

What do you think?

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