The art of staying authentically uncool.

The feeling of belonging is a driving force for most of our actions and decisions daily. Sometimes we think that in order to belong we need to fit in. And we pursue this daily; we buy similar products, we follow fashion, we use same slang, we follow and we like, we try to copy and paste practices and habits. In simple words, we try to do or be as others are. Do we have to, though? Is this the way to belonging?The feeling of success now, is another equally important opposite driving force. It is hardwired in us and we are raised to try and do something great, something special and unique in order to fulfill our purpose and develop ourselves, become better and more successful. There are thousands of Do’s and Dont’s, “How to be…” lists and leadership models, which give their recipe for achieving this. It is not an easy task and naturally, there are as many versions of what success is, as the people that have existed…ever.

However, there is in my view, a need for a constant in the process of trying to strike the balance between the 2 forces of belonging through fitting in and being unique; the value of staying human.
In the end, it is not about creating value for this world just by what we do but most importantly, by who we are being, every single moment.

Staying nice is a form of art which a few of us can manifest authentically without being afraid to be seen as uncool. And this form of art is also a form of challenge, which very few of us are willing to take. But this is what in the end for me makes the difference between people I choose to “fit in” with and learn from.

What do you think?

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