Eyes wide shut.

Another usual day at the bus to work. The route is from the suburbs at the North of the Town, which is considered an upper class area and goes through the city to end at the railway station, which as in most cities in the world is not in such a great area. People get on and get off.A foreigner man with his face half-burned walks in and starts to try to find a place to sit. I easily assume he has no money or maybe not even insurance for doing a cosmetic surgery that will smooth up a bit his wounds…and maybe his soul, too.
Woman of my age, on my left, covers her eyes not to see him, as he passes in front of her. I wonder if she does it because she doesn’t want to see or she doesn’t want to be seen and she wants to hide the reaction of disguise that occupies her face for several seconds. Enough seconds for me and the man to see her. I feel ashamed. Ashamed for sitting next to her and for not saying anything to protect not only myself but the human kind. Out loud at least. Cause in the inside I was burning. In this blog, I talk. At that moment, I thought all these things but said nothing. Fail. Failed to speak up. Failed to say the obvious.One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was whether we have lost the ability to be consious of the impact of our actions. Is it that we believe that we talk on the phone, we chat on internet, we interact through a medium? People and their needs are just in front of our faces. How can we so easily turn the head, look ahead and ignore the pain and their needs?

Which internal battles that we are fighting have made us look so within ourselves and our egos and drive us to protect our eyes and souls at any cost?

Yes, we all have our problems, important for us, maybe insignificant for others, but at which point have our successes become so important that we have ignored the responsibility we have towards helping others in need?

What do you think?

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