And the “game” is on – Academy Bridge

For anyone that is following the innovation that has been taking place over the past few years around Education, Khan’s Academy was definitely a breakthrough. Initially used by pupils, it went on to higher education and very soon it reached Master and PhD students. Since then online education has seen many new players coming into the game, all social enterprises, with the objective to bring top Education to All, Everywhere and Anywhere. Some examples are Coursera, Udemy, edX. Today, I read about The Academy Bridge, which brings free business education to everyone with an internet connection. High quality content from Academia, Business, NGO and international organizations professionals gathers at one place. Interesting, right? There is a structure to it as well based around a sound learning process. Users can join, keep track of their learning, share content, reflect and interact with fellow students or whoever they choose to, i.e. friends, colleagues etc. I am excited about what tomorrow will bring, aren’t you?

What do you think?

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