Hear, hear!

In European higher education, British Universities in terms of management quality and skills, I dare to say are well ahead. Some of their old practices are considered science fiction for some of the Colleges and Universities in other countries.

So, what have they come up now with? HEAR, or Higher Education Achievement Reports, which will provide a breakdown of students’ marks AND record their extracurricular activities. Even though several Universities have not agreed to implementing it yet, it is still pretty interesting the fact that the University will provide a sort of “certificate” that will refer to activities that cover other aspects of life of their students, such as volunteering, part-time work etc. As I read in THE, one of the advantages is that it will create a “sense of employ ability”, but on the other hand it should not be that colleges’ aim to just “produce work-ready staff for a company”.

Even though I must admit that I have not read all tiny details, I would find think that this is not something that I would consider essential, even though it would make the students think more of how they spend their time outside of University. I would therefore not limit it to work related activities, but also to language courses, art classes, physical exercise and any other activity that a student is engaged to, even if it is  helping out at the family store 2 hours a day. What do you think?

What do you think?

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