From Neurons to Networks

How much do we really know about the way our brain works?

How much of what we know do we actually use for educational purposes; to know when the best time is to teach sciences, arts, foreign languages, how and with which methods?

We do a bit. However, a full integration of neuroscience, psychology and paedagogy does not take place in most of Schools globally. One example of a holistic approach though that has crossed my way is Harvard’s Mind, Brain and Education program. 

And I think that the more we bring educators, psychologists and neuroscientists together the more effective learning experiences we will create for kids around the world. Just the potential of it, it’s exciting, no? At least, it will give an end to so many perceptions about learning that exist for years now and that only inhibit creativity and innovation around teaching and learning; such as that kids’ character is shaped until the age of 5 and no alteration can take place later on, that learning a second language should not start from very early stages, that the adult’s brain can only learn until 27 years old etc. These are just some rumours I have heard over the years, not even sure myself about how true or false they are.

I saw this video today, which for me, has some jaw-dropping facts. Have a look…

From neurons to networks

and remember this key takeaway

Internet has 100 trillion links. An adult’s brain has 300 trillion links. A child’s brain has one quadrillion links. Yes, that is correct. A child’s brain has 10 times more connections than the internet.

Which reminds me the quote

A creative adult is a child that has survived growing up.

What do you think?

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