A chance.

I name this post “A chance”, as this is what I think new beginnings symbolize; a chance to be something new, different, better. And as our brain cells are re-born when we sleep, we can just be honest with ourselves and admit that we all want it and need it; a chance for change.

I keep to-do lists, I have a bucket list, I have annual priorities/goals, I have a “parking” spot for ideas and thoughts on Evernote for things I want at some point to do. It helps me:)
Has there been one day, week, month or year that I was 100% successful to fulfilling them? Maybe, but very very few. So, this year I try something else, which seems to be closer to keeping track everyday; a list of 12 questions/statements, which I share with you, in case you also find them useful.

So, here it goes:

  1. Every act, thought and decision is unique. Think of them as the first, so be excited and curious about their meaning and development and at the same time think of them as the last, so that you appreciate their impact and power.
  2. Is every single act who I am and who I want to be? Does my house manifest that? My car? My purse? The way I talk and walk?
  3. Am I being someone I would love, listen, learn from and follow? Why? For what?
  4. Am I surrounded and associated with people that I feel proud of? People that I would truly feel honored to receive a good reference from?
  5. Am I allowing the “right” things or people to influence me and share a part of myself?
  6. Am I truly being the best I can in this context, relationship, job role…?
  7. Am I safeguarding my balance: emotional, intellectual, physical and social?
  8. Am I being present and focused at all times on the people I am with and in the act I am in?
  9. Am I being and doing what I would like to be remembered of? Not in the end of my life, but every day, every meeting, every party I attend?
  10. Am I fulfilling my role as a member of the community? Am I bringing additional value directly with my acts and way of life?
  11. Am I operating from a source of love and commitment to myself or from a place of fear, anger, jealousy and insecurity?
  12. Finally, am I being honest, truly honest with myself on the above? Am I happy and proud with the person I see everyday in the mirror?

Have a great year!

What do you think?

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