A global call for heroes in Education

This week I was featured in Anthony Salcito’s (Microsoft’s VP Worldwide Education) web space called daily edventures, which needless to say was a huge honor. The space aims to bring up stories from people from around the world that work in education, either as teachers, as management professionals (like myself), professors or corporate staff that work in education and training within their organizations.

One of the questions that I found hard to answer at my interview in daily edventures was the last one, on which I would love to hear your thoughts, too:

If you could give one educational tool to every child in the world, what would it be? Why?

Extremely fascinated with the idea and the questions that I touched upon, it made me really excited with the fact that more and more people and organizations realise the importance of working towards improving, innovating around and transforming Education. If you have ever worked in a project or a team with a common vision, determined to have an impact, sharing the same culture and values, then you must understand how important this is.

As I mention in a previous post, one of the reasons I started this blog is to share my love for what I do and perhaps motivate some more people to also join the “movement” and work for education or at least take a more active role in it, either as a business professional, as a parent, a student or a pupil that is now looking for your next steps. I stumbled upon this comic today, which I found beautiful and extremely relevant for me to share at this point and urge you, if you share a vision, a passion, an idea around education to go for it! If there is a time to do it, it is probably now! There is a loooong way still to go and every single thing done is extremely important!

The network that we will be launching in the coming weeks with two amazing friends Mina Lardi and Lenia Lardikou, also passionate about Education and committed to create something extremely valuable for the community here, is called Gnosis. It means knowledge in Greek and it is very much aligned to this direction and goal. We are working on it, so stay tuned!:)

Have a great 2013! Full of inspiration and laughter!

One comment

  1. Wielce ciekawe naskórkowy wybrałaś aż do kuchni,
    w kształcie plastra miodu. Przykuwają uwagę. Dokąd takie
    można znaleźć?

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