The human loss

We have all experienced human loss in one way or another. When the child is separated for the first time from the parents, in order to go to kindergarten, when a loved one passes away, when we lose your primary school friends for the summer period, when we lose someone because it is time that he/she moves on. Finally, we have experienced how it is to lose oneself, to lose our own self, to lose our humanity.

The TV is showing how the USA and UK army are preparing to stop the Syrian dictator. Apart from me and you watching this and perhaps in a naive way feel a bit relieved that “justice will be served”, there is also this mother, this young man, who lives in Syria as we speak and is counting down the minutes. And waits…

On my flight to Egypt a week ago, I met a 30 year old Egyptian, who was returning home to Cairo. He lived for 7 years in Greece and from what I understood he did all sorts of jobs; construction, cleaning, anything to be able to survive and send some money back home. I asked him “Why did you decide to leave after 7 years? and especially this period, where things in Egypt are not that great?” I did to him the exact same question that people have been asking me since last year that I came back to Greece from Switzerland. He said: “Cause a. there are no jobs anymore in Greece and b. because I am afraid. Golden dawn (the far extremist gang – which unfortunately some Greeks brought into the Parliament with their vote) is killing people in Athens.” As he said that, I remembered people’s “warnings” before my trip to Egypt: “Be careful, you are a foreign woman and you are Coptic (Christian)”. The irony.

A few minutes later and as we were approaching Cairo, I could feel and hear how happy this guy was for coming back home. Then, I decided that I will let go of my fears about how the political situation may turn to worst over the course of the days that I would be there and share this moment of ultimate happiness. Because the soul that was sitting next to me was finally coming home. And that was a far more important moment and feeling to experience.

There is a lesson from all of this. Human loss, no matter the circumstances, the quantity, the duration hurts us all. And only when we experience it, we are able to appreciate the human presence next to and inside of us.

What do you think?

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