When doubt crawls in

(Play) When doubt, fear, anger and darkness crawl in, the choice is one. To fight them with light.

To love. To whisper to yourself, to write down to your notepad or with your fingertips to the dust on your table that it will be alright. To take that slow sip from your tea or coffee and a deep breath and feel the air going through your lungs. All the way down. And through. Yes.

To close your eyes and think of the moment, that like Peter Pan, makes you fly, either alone or in the arms of someone. To crawl under your blanket and go through old pictures or diaries not feeling nostalgic of a time or a person that will never be again, but in order to remind yourself of the self you sometimes forgo for success, money or in the rush of things.

Take strength from your core. Put that song from youtube on replay, the song that works like a medicine to your soul, which for some reason today feels weak. Maybe because the rain is falling, because your plans don’t work or because you realize you need to let go…

It’s alright. Because you are human. Your human nature is your weakness. Your humanity is your strength. Without it, you would be alone, with your things and imaginary friends, with no reference points, memories and moments, without reasons and purposes to fight for and without people to “justify” your existence.

Take care of your core. The one thing that keeps you and makes you human in the toughest of situations. When darkness, shadows and self-talk crawl in and want to take over. Love yourself, cause this is how much you will be able to love others, too. In sight of challenges and voices that want to shake you, say stop. Say it out loud, scream until you hear it and until your mind obeys. Make sure you keep the ones you love close to you like a charm. Make sure you take care of them like the most valuable treasure. Because even when doubt will crawl in again, they will be there to tell you: “I see you. i see YOU”

Take care of the one you love,
Take care of the one you need,
Take care of the one who needs you most,
The one far from home, the one that fills your soul.
Take care of the one that holds your hand,
When it’s cold.

What do you think?

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