To new beginnings

There are reasons for things to happen at a specific time. The biggest one is us being ready to see them, acknowledge them and most importantly learn from them. I was about to write about a topic I have been thinking of lately quite a lot, however the day today revealed to me something different. And, I believe that things happen for a reason, that there are no coincidences.

As I was going through my twitter feed I saw the tweet of Hannah Brencher, an awesome young woman, who has the ability to express many people’s souls with words. She wrote

“Please just tell someone that you love them today. The rest doesn’t really matter.”

Such a simple yet so powerful phrase.


As this is the first post of my “new” online space, I think it is the most appropriate to start with this topic; love. A force that in my opinion, its presence or absence moves each one of us to create or to destroy. It is the one thing that defines our lives and our relationships with others. Someone told me today

“True love is a matter of the soul. Just that.”

So, I decided to merge my 2 blogs ( & in this one and share about things my soul deeply cares about and loves. I hope you enjoy it all!

Thank you!

What do you think?

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