The best answer you will ever find

The best answer you will ever find to the question that troubles you is this one: you are living it now.

The answer to the question that has been in your mind for the past days, weeks or months will not come. This moment, your experience now, what your heart tells you, is your answer. Do not lose time to wait for something else in the future, because that question has not been revealed yet to you. You will be a different person then, your needs, your perception and your context will be different.

We, humans are remarkable. We are looking for answers outside, in the future, in others, in the divine, in something we have no ability to influence or predict. We have stopped listening and trusting our heart, our body and the power that comes with being fully present now. We keep ourselves busy with what may, might, could, perhaps come.

Now, I am not saying that we should not look ahead and strive for the purpose and the people we stand for. I am not saying that we should just accept everything that comes in a passive, “victimized” attitude and approach. I am not saying that we should not dream and make plans for how we want our lives to be and for the legacy we want to leave behind.

I am just saying that if we pause and look around us, in us, our gut, our stomach, that huge muscle that beats on the left side of our chest we will probably figure out much more about our big question marks than looking into a crystal ball or our horoscope projections.

acceptance quotes 2

The question is: can we live with this answer?


What do you think?

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