A tribute to salt.

I am a sweets person. At any given time, I prefer getting lost in the kitchen trying to bake the most perfect chocolate-hazelnut cake, tiramisu or cheesecake with raspberry sauce and mix sugar, flour, bitter chocolate and cream with fruits, alcohol, pepper and yes…the evil…butter. Salty meals on the other hand are a matter of companion for me. An opportunity to connect with loved ones. That’s why, even though I like cooking salty meals, I far more prefer to enjoy them, with a glass of wine, a cold beer or a home-made cretan raki.


The inspiration for this post today, the tribute to salt, is a friend, who recently lost a loved one. Someone, who was “salt to her life” she said.


So, here it goes.

Is not birth, beauty, good shape, discourse, manhood, learning, gentleness, virtue, youth, liberality, and such like, the spice and salt that season a man” William Shakespeare

I understand her loss. We have all tasted salt and we know how magical it can be when mixed, when it spices the right items and how horrific it can be when it exceeds its recommended quantity and put together with incompatible ingredients. We know the experience well.

And we have developed a sense for wanting and needing to re-live the experience. And most of us manage to. And these experiences become our references for our life and for the people we recognize that they are “the salt for our lives, too”.

Cause we let them in and serve them coffee in our homes. We sit opposite or next to them and lose ourselves in their thoughts, minds and hearts.

We invite them to share a moment with us and we allow them to see the true of ourselves, what we really dream at night and what our soul aims at.

We change our minds and opinions and perspectives because of them and we drift to new experiences, despite feeling scared to be lost, with the certainty that they hold our hand in the process.

We spend sleepless nights because of them, with them and without them.

We get drunk, we share a cigarette, we share our last spoon of our favorite cake, we talk about things that matter to us till the small hours…

We feel so strong with them and so helpless at the same time. In an auspicious moment we feel extremely grateful we have had the chance to share a few moments of our lives with them, and at the same time we wish we had more.

They share their salt with us and we do the same for them. With love, humility and belief that the “result” will be nothing less than magical.

What do you think?

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