Broken faces.

There is little resilience that our facial muscles are able to exhibit towards pain.

There is so much we can do to hide the quiet scream that comes from our bellies, passes through our lungs, throat and pushes through, ready to exit like a massive sonic wave from our mouth and eyes.

(the scene below is from “Little England”, a greek movie and it shows exactly the moment when Orsa, the woman, is informed that her loved one was killed…)

The injustice of this world, the loss we all mourn for and find ourselves so close to each other become unbearable, non-understandable, impossible for us to comprehend and realize within our existence. It becomes just too much.

The world suffers today a bit more than any other day.

300 souls spent their last moments, probably on their way to their holidays, not having the time to say their goodbyes, to settle their tasks and tell their people what they meant to them.

Children in Gaza, not aware that it would be the last time they would be in their mother’s arms and their father’s laps, went to do what they are best at: play. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for them.

This pain touches us all. Irrespective of age, religion, political beliefs, point in history, sex and economic status.

A few months ago, during a trip to Crete, I visited the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion and took this picture of one of the objects there. Not sure why:

20130806_140712It depicts a mother that mourns. With her eyes turned towards the sky, with her fists probably bleeding from the intensity bouncing on her chest and with her mouth opened widely, in an attempt to exhale the pain. In a last effort to reach the loved one she lost, wherever he/she may be…

Art, as an expression of human soul, be it either in the form of a small ceramic statue, a piece of writing, a painting or a song is exactly about that: the expression of what our souls ache for: love, injustice, beauty, hate, disconnection, life and death.

Loss of life, irrespective of its size and frequency matters to us all.

Apart from doing the best we can in order to not allow not-natural loss of life, we can do something more: we can show that we are all in this together.

We mourn and we celebrate together.

We love together.

Together love.

This picture is taken from here.




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