On beauty


A few days back, in one of those random discussions, a friend asked why, at a first glance, we are attracted by beauty. What is it that makes someone beautiful, in the end of the day? After a few moments of silence, I said “It is our primal instinct talking. Beauty equals to Health and we want to make better, more healthy, improved babies:) In the end of the day, the first impression and reaction is driven by our instincts, and not by our conscious thinking and elaborate emotions”, I added.

And until a point this maybe true.

Since late Spring I had a feeling about this summer. As the days were passing, with great or not too great news finding my way, I was certain that this summer would be one to remember. Filled with meeting loved ones from the first days of June either at the Acropolis or by the seaside in the south part of the city, Athens became a more loved place for me, as with them, I also re-realized its beauty. Spending time with family some warm warm nights at our balcony, followed by complaints about the fact that the cicadas don’t really. ever. no, seriously. ever. never. stop. to coming back home for a few hours to unpack, wash, pack and take the ferry or the plane the next day. This summer, exactly because of the absence of connection with anything far, allowed me to stay focused and present to the current, the now, the moment and the people that I had around me.

Traveling is the best investment one can make. Traveling with loved ones is the best investment one can ever make.

In the last part of my trips, I visited Stockholm, with a quick stopover in amazing Warsaw. I was there before, 5 years ago, at a time and at a point of my life, where traveling abroad was as easy and “given” as going to the supermarket:) I remember myself thinking back then “All this is beautiful, but how more beautiful is the sunset from Oia in Santorini, the golden beach of Koukounaries in Skiathos and the lake of Kastoria at a chill autumn evening…?” It is now obvious to me that my homesick feeling, drove me to compare the beauty of two or more places, to ignore the unique beauty of someone or something and leave myself with a feeling that I was missing the most beautiful aspect in my life. A vicious circle, my friends:)

Call it growing up, call it the post-30 crisis, call it life, call it the fact that I am back in Greece and even though I do not feel settled at all – I suspect that will never happen – I feel I am at the right place, on this day I say that beauty is all about what is within us.

We see beauty when and only when we feel her.

We feel her only when we allow ourselves to feel at home, in peace, in flow and acceptance of her as she really is, for what she is, nothing more and nothing less.

She is to be felt and experienced not only with our sight, but with all our senses and on top of that with that 6th one, which we can never. ever. seriously, we don’t even need to start. trying to explain why, how and when it moves us to turn our attention to that special person, that piece of art, that place that becomes our favorite one and to that self of ours that we see blossoming through the beauty we many times, succeed really well, to hide.

Beauty is not about perfection, is not about narcissism, is not about appearance, is not about satisfying our primal instincts. As we are attracted by the beauty of Art, of Nature, of People in general or by the beauty of that special one, we manage to find ourselves a bit more, we manage to unhide the beauty we hide within and through that become one, come in flow with the beauty around us.


What do you think?

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