Damien Rice. I love you.

There are songs like this that in the simplest of words manage to bring your mind back to the core, to the deepest depths of your mind and heart.


There are lyrics like this that make you daydream and that manage to easily paint in front of you the picture of what a moment feels like.

There are melodies like this, that just with one instrument, manage to move every single bone, organ, cell in your body and make you feel alive again.

There are voices like this that their depth and hoarseness sound like you at the time, where you just surrender, let go and set yourself free from any attempt to explain why you feel so vulnerable in front of the presence, the thought, the smell and the existence of that someone.

There are questions like this that sound like the voices in your mind, the same exact words that your heart wants to shout out, wants to whisper powerless, wants to finally find the recipient that your soul has wished for  and waited for a million nights.

There are phrases like this that you wish you are lucky enough to hear from a love that you thought was gone, but came back.

There are moments like this, where a wrong click may bring you  inspiration and beauty, when you least expect it.


What do you think?

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