A night to be confused

Remember when you were small, when you had a thousand questions a minute coming to your mind? Remember the certainty you had that you would find the answer to each one of them once you would ask your older brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, grandparent, older friend? And do you remember when you would finally get the answer to your burning question? Your eyes would spark from excitement and the one, who gave you the answer, would appear in front of you and in your dreams, with a halo, God-like.

So, you were raised with the hope and the deep belief that when you get older you would also have the answers, you will also know what to do. You will also be the wise one. For everyone and everything. Anytime. For whatever and whenever something comes on your way you will know what to do. We are raised with the belief that at an age, especially after we finish school and university, the landscape will clear up, the clouds in the horizon will dissolve and enlightenment will come.

We will know the way, we will know which decisions to make. We think.



And we do learn as the years go by. We experience a few things and see how we can change them or how we can change our approach and reaction towards these situations. We learn how to behave when a special one comes again knocking our door and shaking our world, because we are older and we know better.

I am a bit envy and a bit suspicious of people that seem that have it all figured out, to know it all, to have all the answers. I am wondering if it is lack of or extensive thinking that makes them, provides them with the gift of knowing what to do. Some of us are far from that, and questions keep rushing in our minds.

The truth is though I think, that we will never know exactly what to do, what to say, how to react and how to behave. Cause we are not a factory-manufactured product. We are not the result of a well programmed, flawless process that functions in a specific way every time it is called to be used. We are human, we have flaws, we learn bit by bit, we make mistakes and we don’t have all the answers not only about the world and about the rest of the people, but not even about ourselves. We give it a go, we learn to hear our instinct, our heart, our body more and hopefully we improve day by day. And this is fine:)

Now accepting our own perfect-less nature is one thing and it is a great blessing. How about the others though? How do we view the perfect-less, the flaws of the person in front of us? Are we giving a chance or do we just throw them away like a flawed product with no guarantee? Do we make an effort to at least show some appreciation or recognition for the other person’s journey called “trying to figure this game called life, somehow”? Do we look for chances to come closer or do we look for excuses to move further apart? Do we accept vulnerability? Do we help the child inside the other one learn and answer the burning questions or do we just ignore it?

What do you think?

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