Goodbye 2015.

Yes, 2015. Bye bye, you bastard. So long, adios, farewell, tschuess, ante ya! “The year of make or break”, I had called you back in the first days of January. The year, when changes had to happen, balance had to be brought back and flow had to be restored. I thought…

And for most of the time you were so far from that, like heaven from hell, like south and north pole, like white and dark chocolate… For most of the time we were on the “breaking” mode, with a country in ruins, relationships on thin lines, career plans changing from a day to the other and constant realizations.

Thank you.

I would not want to miss one second from you, 2015! I love you with all the broken-ness, all the mess, all the chaos you are, you brought and you became and all the wisdom you offered me.

Welcome 2016!


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