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The side effects of the current education system.

Just 5 examples of the negative side effects of the current education system. I call them side effects because education is supposed to be a positive “treatment”, a positive drug. Sometimes though, it is not. Since day 1 we are taught to separate the different one, the one that stands out. Our brain learns from […]

Culture innate or can be taught?

I read this quote the other day by Thom Hartmann: Culture is not about what is absolute, real or true. It is about what a group of people get together and agree to believe. Culture can be healthy, toxic, nurturing or murderous. Culture is made of stories. I find this phrase so interesting because what […]

Mεntoring in Education

Mentor was the name of Odysseus trusted friend, the man that “kept him awake” and cultivated his entrepreneurial and creative mind. The man that was one of the first people that recognized him, despite him almost hiding his face, when he had returned to his kingdom  in Ithaca after the Troyan war. Mentor was able […]

Learning life’s single happiness criterion

The below is from my recent talk at TEDxAUEB. Until the video comes online, I felt like sharing a few parts of it. I would love to hear your thoughts.   There is a great essay about traveling and self-discovery by Pico Iyer that starts with this phrase: we travel initially to lose ourselves.  We […]

Teaching teachers

In March i had the chance to meet in person two great teachers, a Greek and a Finn. The Greek one is called Klimis Pirounakis, For him, being a teacher is more than a profession, it is more like a way of living, a stand, a life purpose. The other one is Pasi Sahlberg, the […]