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The disruption key

A few weeks back I attended the “Education & Innovation in the 21st century” Conference, organized by the Economist in Athens, Greece. A very interesting agenda with some very inspiring speakers. One of which, was Pasi Sahlberg, an educator, the author of “Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?”, who […]

Gazing at the stars – The future of learning

Some thoughts on the future of a few things we are witnessing in education now, which have troubled me for a bit. Even though, to be totally honest, having in mind that today a few meteorite pieces fell on earth and injured a few hundreds of people I think worrying about whether my projections will […]

The promise of education

A few years ago the promise of getting a post-secondary education was clear; a job. Even today, in these challenging times, the stats agree: higher education graduates have three times more chances not to be unemployed during their careers compared to the non-graduates. Or at least not long-term unemployed.  In addition, education is associated and […]

Playing to learn

Gaming is one of the trends in learning these days, which gains fans every day around the world. It makes sense, if we consider how accustomed humans are in such a process, the fact that everyone, no matter the age, location and culture has played something in our life time and taking into consideration the […]

Innovating for the heart

A recent tweet by GOOD put a very interesting idea out there: “Why Every School Needs an ‘Innovation Day”, which I believe should go further and towards having an innovation session/slam, every week, in every school, so that the practice becomes a habit.  7 years ago with my team in The Netherlands we used to have […]