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Loss and Love.

They say that Time heals everything. I disagree. The wound never heals. Experiencing the loss of a loved one, breaks us. It literally breaks our heart. It leaves us breathless, it leaves us with a huge sadness about what was, what would have been, what we dreamt it would be. And all of us have, are […]

Goodbye 2015.

Yes, 2015. Bye bye, you bastard. So long, adios, farewell, tschuess, ante ya! “The year of make or break”, I had called you back in the first days of January. The year, when changes had to happen, balance had to be brought back and flow had to be restored. I thought… And for most of […]

A night to be confused

Remember when you were small, when you had a thousand questions a minute coming to your mind? Remember the certainty you had that you would find the answer to each one of them once you would ask your older brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, grandparent, older friend? And do you remember when you would finally […]

Damien Rice. I love you.

There are songs like this that in the simplest of words manage to bring your mind back to the core, to the deepest depths of your mind and heart. There are lyrics like this that make you daydream and that manage to easily paint in front of you the picture of what a moment feels like. […]

On beauty

A few days back, in one of those random discussions, a friend asked why, at a first glance, we are attracted by beauty. What is it that makes someone beautiful, in the end of the day? After a few moments of silence, I said “It is our primal instinct talking. Beauty equals to Health and […]