Category Eight tales for Summer

The cicadas

Cicadas prepare for life for up to seventeen years. When they “escape” their shells, already as adults, they have 3-4 weeks to do what they are meant to.  And they do the most out of their 4 weeks. Their “singing”, which is actually the lower parts of their abdomen vibrating, is performed in its full intensity […]

21 Ιουνίου 2013*

(μουσική) Και χόρεψαν. Τον πρώτο χορό της ζωής τους σαν παντρεμένο ζευγάρι. Δύο ζευγάρια μάτια κλειδωμένα το ένα στο άλλο, δυο χέρια ενωμένα, δυο ψυχές που βρήκαν το στήριγμά τους. Και η στιγμή μαγική… Θα μπορούσε να μην είναι έτσι. Ο εγωισμός, η ηδονή, η ζήλεια θα μπορούσαν να είχαν διαλύσει την μαγεία, να πότιζαν […]

The human loss

We have all experienced human loss in one way or another. When the child is separated for the first time from the parents, in order to go to kindergarten, when a loved one passes away, when we lose your primary school friends for the summer period, when we lose someone because it is time that […]