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To new beginnings

There are reasons for things to happen at a specific time. The biggest one is us being ready to see them, acknowledge them and most importantly learn from them. I was about to write about a topic I have been thinking of lately quite a lot, however the day today revealed to me something different. […]

When doubt crawls in

(Play) When doubt, fear, anger and darkness crawl in, the choice is one. To fight them with light. To love. To whisper to yourself, to write down to your notepad or with your fingertips to the dust on your table that it will be alright. To take that slow sip from your tea or coffee […]


Sometimes we wish that life had an Escape button. One that could be pressed so that it takes away this annoying window/picture/site and that it could take us back in the comfort we had a few seconds ago. Driven by emotion, passion, impulse, stress or fear we may have made the choice of clicking further, […]


My driver’s licence instructor told me during one of our first lessons “Keep your eyes towards the direction and the place you want to go, look far ahead”. Indeed, looking back or just in front of the car does not help go forward and reach the place that I want to. So so true in […]

Why We Travel

I was reminded of this by my friend Maria some time back and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy! …Why We TravelTravel Stories: In a classic essay, Pico Iyer explores the reasons we leave our beliefs and certainties at home to see the world with open eyes We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; […]