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A chance.

I name this post “A chance”, as this is what I think new beginnings symbolize; a chance to be something new, different, better. And as our brain cells are re-born when we sleep, we can just be honest with ourselves and admit that we all want it and need it; a chance for change. I […]

Eyes wide shut.

Another usual day at the bus to work. The route is from the suburbs at the North of the Town, which is considered an upper class area and goes through the city to end at the railway station, which as in most cities in the world is not in such a great area. People get […]

The art of staying authentically uncool.

The feeling of belonging is a driving force for most of our actions and decisions daily. Sometimes we think that in order to belong we need to fit in. And we pursue this daily; we buy similar products, we follow fashion, we use same slang, we follow and we like, we try to copy and […]


On a day like today I was thinking what the most appropriate post would be; something about politics, something about how I love being back home and how much I believe that things will get better or something about the the power of realizing your dreams, ambitions…blah blah blah?Well, I am going to have to […]

My daily secret

I love June. You see, it’s the month that most changes in my life have taken place; moved to another country, got a dream-job, started in a new role, took the exams that brought me at my University, left my job, fell in and out of love and finally started flirting with the idea to […]