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Behavior is the measure of integrity

How can non-ethical people and institutions teach Ethics? They cannot, or actually, they should not.  And before you jump on me to ask me how I define “non-ethical”, let’s take the easiest interpretation: conflicts of interest, financials, legals. In my semester’s assignment, as part of my MSc on Educational Leadership, I researched how Ethics are […]

Doing the right thing: Teaching the right thing

It’s rankings period. Two weeks ago QS published their rankings for the year and today many of us look forward to the Times Higher Education ones. Despite the debates around the methodology and comparability amongst the institutions, the truth is we all go through them and feel a sense of pride if the University or […]

About Love and Ethos

Love. I love the love question from the video in my previous post. “Why do these kids LOVE school?” There is a force to this word, it is unlimited, it is boundless, it requires self awareness and to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It is also not a mediocre “like” or “thumbs up” thing. For […]

A call for passion

Education, in my view, needs a call for passion.Not interest, but authentic and sincere passion. My driving question for my decision to change my career and focus on renewing education was and is not because it is trendy, but because through a very strong reflective process that took place around 5 years ago and crystallized […]