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Gazing at the stars – The future of learning

Some thoughts on the future of a few things we are witnessing in education now, which have troubled me for a bit. Even though, to be totally honest, having in mind that today a few meteorite pieces fell on earth and injured a few hundreds of people I think worrying about whether my projections will […]

Trends in higher education – part II

A few thoughts on how the future may look like in HE. I have no crystal ball, I just read a bit. After my first post, here is the second one: 1. The end of the single University degree, single city studies and single discipline focus: We have already seen signs with MOOCs, Minerva, joint […]

What’s new in higher education? – Part I

If you are in business, an aspiring enterpreneur, a social intrapreneur, journalist or a “want-to-know-it-all” person, then you need to check out what is happening in the world of higher education nowadays. Here are some thoughts and observations, Part I. 1. Massive Online Open Courses: high quality, anytime, anywhere and for free. In my previous […]

5+1 questions on MOOC

MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses providers, such as Coursera, EdX, Udacity,  Academy Bridge and many more have come and disrupted the higher education scenery. High profile schools are now able to access students from around the world, in thousands, for free and through a very user-friendly platform. Many, including myself, became quick fans and […]

Marketing, mobility and playing

Four interesting infographics I came across today, which give really good thought about reality, trends and the future of education. Enjoy! Higher Education Marketing & Communication Where do students come from and go to? 2012 (you) vs. 2025 (your kid) Gaming in the classroom