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The use of “useless” education

As I was growing up, influenced by the charm and success of Indiana Jones, I wanted to become an archaeologist. Making my way through spider webs, mud and stale air seemed to be an injection of adrenaline that just the thought of it, made me day-dream and stay sleepless for nights and nights…Until I had […]

The Brand Sweet Spot in Education

Let’s be a bit more concrete. The point is clear. I think that we agree on it; there is a need to change the paradigm and our approach towards education, either as a parent, as a student, as a teacher, as a businessman or as an educator… So, here is my top 7 of what […]

The Intuitive, the Unmeasurable, the Subjective and the Personal

I recently came across the following statement by the Australian educator Hedley Beare, which I found pretty awesome and at the same time simple and obvious: “Reductionism is why the curriculum is structured in the way that it is, cut up into key learning areas…Positivism is why science and maths are pre-eminent in the curriculum…Rationality […]