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The promise of education

A few years ago the promise of getting a post-secondary education was clear; a job. Even today, in these challenging times, the stats agree: higher education graduates have three times more chances not to be unemployed during their careers compared to the non-graduates. Or at least not long-term unemployed.  In addition, education is associated and […]

What’s new in higher education? – Part I

If you are in business, an aspiring enterpreneur, a social intrapreneur, journalist or a “want-to-know-it-all” person, then you need to check out what is happening in the world of higher education nowadays. Here are some thoughts and observations, Part I. 1. Massive Online Open Courses: high quality, anytime, anywhere and for free. In my previous […]

Marketing, mobility and playing

Four interesting infographics I came across today, which give really good thought about reality, trends and the future of education. Enjoy! Higher Education Marketing & Communication Where do students come from and go to? 2012 (you) vs. 2025 (your kid) Gaming in the classroom