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The definition of insanity in Education.

As per Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. So, indeed, most of us are insane. I will not go into how we function in relationships, career etc, as it will probably be a way too long post, but I will go to something we all […]

The School of Life

The School of Life is a very inspiring idea that launched a few years ago and aims at a very simple goal: let’s learn from each other, always. I borrow the name as the title of this post to gather a few of my thoughts on how I reckon a school of the future could […]

“Teamwork. Creativity. Learning”, Xenia Mastropetrou

As I mentioned in my previous post, from time to time, mεlite will host the stories of other friends that are also passionate about Education. I generally think that 2 minds are better than one and the collective intelligence of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, professions and talents is such a powerful tool that should […]