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“Curriculum design and the next big thing”, Maria Ocampo

As I mentioned in my previous post, from time to time, mεlite will host the stories of other friends that are also passionate about Education. After November’s monthly story around “Teamwork. Creativity. Learning” by Xenia Mastropetrou, this month’s story comes from Maria Ocampo, a friend, who apart from speaking fluently 5 languages she is one […]

The School of Life

The School of Life is a very inspiring idea that launched a few years ago and aims at a very simple goal: let’s learn from each other, always. I borrow the name as the title of this post to gather a few of my thoughts on how I reckon a school of the future could […]

Trends in higher education – part II

A few thoughts on how the future may look like in HE. I have no crystal ball, I just read a bit. After my first post, here is the second one: 1. The end of the single University degree, single city studies and single discipline focus: We have already seen signs with MOOCs, Minerva, joint […]

What’s new in higher education? – Part I

If you are in business, an aspiring enterpreneur, a social intrapreneur, journalist or a “want-to-know-it-all” person, then you need to check out what is happening in the world of higher education nowadays. Here are some thoughts and observations, Part I. 1. Massive Online Open Courses: high quality, anytime, anywhere and for free. In my previous […]